DSCN1450YOGA is a journey into self-investigation and a science of the mind. Ego can be the number one enemy when practising yoga. Learning to breathe properly and using movement with meditation will calm the busy mind, combat the “what ifs” and the “if onlys”, alleviate fear and give you confidence in yourself. You will learn to trust your own intuition. This is a discipline you can practise in the privacy of your own home, at any time. You don’t need machines, only your yoga mat, a block and a blanket. Yoga brings a deeper meaning into your life.  My yoga mat is my “life raft”. I endeavour to help my clients understand the source of their ailments, aches and pains, many of them common to a lot of people. With regular yoga practice, I have seen astonishing results in my students, defying many of the specialists’ treatments. There is often an alternative to surgery. Conditions such as low back pain, torn rotator cuff, R.S.I., carpel tunnel syndrome and neck and shoulder pain benefit so well from specific stretches. Yoga can help with the aftermath and shock of a bereavement or a broken relationship, the deep sense of loss that is experienced often affects the physical body. Yoga actually acts as a nurturing tool to bring about healing. Understanding the root cause of any condition is a journey of self-discovery and the first major commitment towards taking care of yourself. I am proud to have studied with some of the finest yoga therapists in the USA. I am so grateful to the International Association of Yoga Therapists seminars I have attended over the years.

Sandy-Bay-YogaOne-on-one yoga is very important to achieve the maximum benefits for the student. I offer private, therapeutic techniques to help strengthen, open and stretch the physical body. On a deeper level, this works on the subtler energies and powerful thoughts that underpin most of our reactions, behaviour, self-esteem and confidence which frequently holds us back from achieving the full potential in our lives. With a mixture of Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga and Viniyoga and learning techniques to utilise the full capacity of the lungs, the results are astonishing and life changing.

Conditions such as asthma, arthritis, fybromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, rotator cuff and torn tendons, high blood pressure, skin allergies, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and more difficult to diagnosis conditions, such as Elhers Danlos Syndrome, respond dramatically to a carefully constructed yoga practice for the individual. The source of common addictions and out-of-control lifestyle habits all respond to the science of yoga. In the private tranquil setting of Secret Chill, you will find the peace and time to journey further into understanding how the mind and the body are so connected. You are able to explore your own particular needs without distraction.

IMG_0758JOURNEY INTO YOGA COURSE It is important that we initially have a personal chat about your life, needs and personal challenges before putting together an appropriate programme for you. Each session will involve breathing, movement and getting to know your body from the inside out without judgement. Yoga is not only about the postures and certainly not about how flexible you are! It is about understanding your limitations and surrendering to your own personal parameters without judgement or ego. This state of newfound contentment allows confidence to blossom, steering us away from the old destructive habits, toxic associations in their many forms and finding a newfound freedom to access our own personal creativity. Please speak to Lynne directly if you wish to sign up for this course.


hibiscus-flower-red-mdhibiscus-flower-red-mdhibiscus-flower-red-mdThe rewards are boundless!