Date: 25th September 2016, 6pm – 1st October 2016, 1pm

With the increasing, constant pressures of today’s society, we become driven and get trapped in our own repetitive thoughts, past stories and future fears without even realizing they are running our lives. Is this good for us? Absolutely not. We become prisoners of the mind, hence the title for the workshop.

“The combination of Kundalini, Kriya, Yin Yoga and appropriate application of standard yoga postures have been the elixir of my life. The exciting part for me is that the learnings keep taking me to the next level and I find there is even more to learn! The power of the mind and how it frequently gets out of control, understanding how our minds are running the show most of the time, becomes very clear when we can discipline ourselves to use these practices regularly. We find ourselves becoming engrossed with the power of the breath and we are able to observe through quiet observation, without judgment our true state of “being”……. Yoga can be a very ego based practice with demands on performance in an effort to achieve the perfect body, a bit like a regular workout at the gym. These practices delve much deeper. The emphasis on the breath in Kundalini and Yin yoga becomes paramount and allows the individual time for their own personal journey, which leads to a greater understanding of self-discovery.“ When you have time to feel the difference after our in-depth sessions together, hopefully, you will choose to make it an important part of your life, breaking down the bars, feeling the relief from this prison you have created for yourself.

KUNDALINI YOGA works on the body and mind. It is a combination of yoga asanas postures, breathing (pranayama), relaxation and meditation, using chanting mantras or sacred sounds during the meditation. Each session will be different, relating to aspects of the body work (nervous system, lymph system, digestive system, etc …). The benefits of Kundalini Yoga are, among others, reduced back pain, balance the nervous, hormonal and metabolic system; increased energy and sense of well-being and balance.

YIN YOGA began in the Western world in the late 70s. Its slow- paced style of yoga, with poses that are held for five minutes or more, has in recent years become popular. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims to cultivate an awareness of one’s inner silence, thus initiating an understanding of universal interconnection.


Sunday, September 25th 2016
Arrival date and welcome reception at Secret Chill
Evening Drinks and snacks on the Terrace
Brief introductory talk by Lynne Oliver
Monday 26th course begins at Thursday is free to relax.The course finishes on Saturday at 1pm. Guest departures on Saturday after lunch or Sunday. If you wish to stay an extra night either side of the course please let me know in advance.


Early bird prices start at 675 Euros for the weeks stay and will apply until a month before the workshop when the cost will be 750 euros. The price includes two meals a day – a sumptuous breakfast and light healthy lunch. Details of Secret Chill Villa and our various beautiful rooms can be found on the website: For bookings please email me at or if you have any questions regarding the course / practices etc. please contact Lynne Oliver directly on the phone numbers found on the website.