Harley Street Health Centre Blood Tests

Are you getting  all the mineral you need from your good diet or are they not being absorbed for some obscure reason?

About 6 months ago I decided to order some of the new supposed to be amazing” sizzling minerals. I had a lot of inflammatory responses in my body at the time, so I decided to give them a go. I continued to eat a very well balanced diet of mainly  vegetarian foods. Those of you who know me well are aware of the enormous stress and challenges I have had to face alone in the last 5 years, and when my hair started to fall out I decided to visit my amazing Dr Abood at the Harley Street Health Centre in London. I had suspected under active thyroid because of  huge hair loss in the last year. She suspected I had an allergy to fructose. 4 weeks later, not a bit of fruit has entered my mouth and the aches and pains have reduced in my body by 70 percent . The blood tests came back excellent including perfect thyroid function (surprise) but showed I am dealing with an inflammatory condition in my body. At last, I felt I was getting somewhere.

So what was going on? With a  50% success and feeling that nothing really sinister and life threatening  going on in my body, I started to take heart. Just now I received the first stage of a more in depth analysis of my blood. I was astonished to find a big deficit in minerals, particularly zinc and magnesium! Looking up deficiency of zinc and magnesium ….HAIR LOSS! Now waiting on the confirmation of the fructose intolerance. I think I may cancel my subscriptions for the sizzling minerals…. I would rather use the money to get back into training with Mitch Mitchell!

And most certainly continue with my daily yoga programme. I have a phone consultation with my doctor in London tomorrow . Wow does she know “her stuff”!

If you want to be thoroughly well looked after, with no stones unturned, and you are unhappy about the state of your health, get In touch with Dr Enam Abood -at the Harley Street Health Street Health Centre, 17 Harley Street W1